Insights Discovery Accreditation


Have you had an experience with Insights Discovery that opened your eyes to its power and potential?

Did it make you wonder what might be possible if you were able to deliver and work with Insights Discovery in your own organisation? Well then, the Insights Discovery Accreditation programme might be exactly what you are looking for...

What's the format?

When you register to attend an Insights Discovery Accreditation, there is a small amount of pre-work to be done before you attend - just a few forms to fill in so we know a little bit more about you and what you hope to learn from an IDA. You'll then have an intensive, magical, breakthrough four days on the IDA itself, learning about all aspects of Insights Discovery and how to apply it to your own organisation's business challenges.

What will I learn?

The IDA programme will teach you everything you need to know in order to apply Insights Discovery to the business challenges faced in your own organisation. The format is as follows:

  • Day One: Insights Discovery Theory. We help you understand the technical details of the Insights Discovery model.
  • Day Two: Preparing to Deliver with Insights Discovery. We show you a detailed walkthrough of a best practice agenda and help you unlock the magic in an Insights Discovery workshop.
  • Day Three: Delivering Insights Discovery. You'll be on your feet, having a go at facilitating and coaching using Insights Discovery.
  • Day Four: Applying Insights Discovery. You'll look at the practical ways in which you can use Insights Discovery to address the business challenges in your organisation and how you can keep the magic of it alive for the individuals and teams you work with.

The IDA is varied to suit different learning styles; there is a mixture of practical sessions, peer-to-peer coaching, facilitated sessions and time to reflect on your own journey of self-understanding too.

What are the benefits?engagement survey

When you attend an IDA you gain access to the Insights Discovery learning system and Personal Profile to use as part of your in-house learning and development solutions.

You will also join our global community of Practitioners, a network of inspirational people who partner with us in using Insights Discovery to create transformational solutions in the workplace.

Beyond this, our Practitioners often find that the IDA experience furthers their personal journey of self-understanding and understanding of others.

You'll also receive an IDA Essentials Kit which includes everything you'll need during the IDA itself and once you go back to your day job, including your own Insights Discovery Personal Profile, Workshop Journals, Practitioner Guides and PowerPoint slides.                                                     

Am I right for the IDA?

When you join an IDA we're committed to teaching you everything you need to know to apply Insights Discovery in your own organisation. However, some facilitating and coaching experience will be assumed.

You must have some prior knowledge of Insights Discovery in the form of either a workshop or debrief session - after all, we want you to experience the magic for yourself before you decide if the IDA is for you. Some knowledge of other psychometric tools/theories would also be useful. 


  • What does it cost? Your attendance at an IDA will usually form part of a wider solution to your business needs, so you should discuss this with your own Insights representative.
  • Is accommodation included in the cost? No it's not, however we do have special rates agreed with each venue. Once you register we'll send you more information; you should then book directly with the hotel.
  • Are lunches and breaks included? Yes, absolutely.
  • What's the dress code? Relaxed workwear is fine, or whatever you're most comfortable learning in. Suits not required!
  • Is there work to complete afterwards? Yes, you should be prepared to do some post-work in order to complete your Confirmation of Learning and become officially Accredited.
  • What are the timings? We generally begin at 9am on Day One for four full days of learning, but we'll send you more details after you've registered.
  • Who should join an IDA? People with some prior experience of facilitating and/or coaching and who have attended an Insights Discovery workshop of debrief session. 
  • Where and when? We have a variety of locations and dates; click below to find one that suits you.
  • How do I register? Before you join the Accreditation programme, we’d love to speak with you to understand your unique goals and the needs of your organisation.

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