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Impact International
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MF Building,
Tokyo 151-0053

About us

Impact Japan has been working with Insights since 2012.  The Discovery personality profile tool is a powerful complement to our experiential training methodology.  Our programs featuring Discovery are building a very strong reputation among many of our clients, and we are noticing a tremendous increase in demand for our training service due to our collaboration with Insights and our use of the Discovery tool.

Impact Japan Ltd. is Impact International’s second largest office globally, behind only our UK headquarters. We are also the longest-standing member of our Asia-Pacific regional network, providing Japanese, English and bilingual tailor-made solutions for a wide range of clients since 1990.  The core of our business is leadership development and building high performing teams. 

Based in Tokyo, Impact Japan has been delivering powerful, unique solutions to some of the most successful and largest Japanese and global businesses, working with everyone from new graduates through senior executives.