Lynne-Marie Howden

Lynne-Marie HowdenLynne Marie Howden 2Lynne-Marie Howden
Who knew work could be so fun and inspiring?

What links fine wines, family values and a pair of sparkly sandals? Meet Lynne-Marie Howden, Marketing and Product Director at Insights...

  • If Lynne-Marie were a country or an item of clothing she would be

    • Italy. A lover of good wine and food, she is passionate about tradition and history and has  a firm belief in the importance of family and community.
    • A pair of sparkly strappy sandals (preferably designer!) that are elegant, magnetic and playful!
      We know this from Lynne-Marie's Discovering Team Effectiveness Workshop Journal.

  • What is Lynne-Marie’s Insights Discovery wheel position?

    Lynne-Marie is wheel position 22 which means she leads with dominant Fiery Red energy. From her Discovery Personal Profile we know that Lynne-Marie is:

    • bold and energetic
    • an ingenious thinker with a great ability in long range planning
    • a frank, honest and a straightforward leader

  • Lynne-Marie’s defining moments at Insights (so far...)

    Lynne-Marie says that the work done by the leadership team in a cottage in Muskoka, Canada, in 2005 to clarify the Insights Strategy – vision, strategic goals, and critical success factors – was a huge defining moment for her. Although the strategy has evolved considerably since then, those few days were transformational for the Insights business.  

  • How you may meet Lynne-Marie

    You’ll find Lynne-Marie sharing her passion about the work we do and how this can make a difference for our clients – either on a one to one or in front of large audiences. 

    She leads a dedicated group of experts whose focus it is to ensure the Insights portfolio and people meets and exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • Scratch the surface and you’ll find

    Lynne-Marie loves to work hard and play hard. Clients love to work with Lynne-Marie for her perfect mix of professionalism and fun.

    A keen runner, Lynne-Marie can often be found pounding the streets around the small village in Northamptonshire where she lives. A little known fact about Lynne-Marie, she has kept a detailed personal journal for the past 30 years!