Andy Lothian

Leading our worldwide organisation to deliver inspired people and outstanding performance for our clients.

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What links Auld Lang Syne, a banana and an eagle? Meet Andy Lothian, Chief Executive of Insights...

  • If Andy were a song, a food or an animal, what would he be?

    • Auld Lang Syne. A good-time song with hidden depths, it brings people together
    • a banana. Full of healthy energy, it’s also quite stylish next to other fruits
    • an eagle. A keen pilot, Andy loves to fly high - solo, or with others!

    We know this from Andy’s Discovering Team Effectiveness Workshop Journal.

  • What is Andy's Insights Discovery wheel position?

    Andy is wheel position 23 and he leads with dominant Fiery Red energy. From his Discovery Personal Profile we know that Andy is:

    • a dynamic negotiator
    • brave, daring and bold
    • able to turn vision into a reality

  • What motivates Andy?

    • solving problems that require his intuitive skills
    • group activities outside his job (usually golf!)
    • being asked for his opinion

    To find this out, we took a peek at Andy’s Discovery Personal Profile.

  • How you might meet Andy

    Through Insights, Andy lives his passion to inspire and transform individuals, teams and organisations. He wants to create a world where people truly understand themselves and others, and are inspired to make a positive difference in everything they do.

    Whether he is coaching one-to-one, facilitating an executive team or working with a large audience his high-energy, immediate style helps others take action and realise their potential.

    Andy is passionate about Dundee and Scotland’s place in the world. He chairs Dundee Heritage Trust, which is custodian of Captain Scott’s RRS Discovery, is a Director of the High School of Dundee and is a member of the Dundee City Strategic Advisory Group.

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    Andy inherited the Lothian musical gene and is a keen singer and guitarist. He’s even been known to perform at conferences and family weddings.

    The proudest moment of his career so far was when Scotland’s First Minister opened Terra Nova, Insights’ global HQ in Dundee.

    Out of hours Andy can be found spending time with his family, on one of Scotland’s beautiful golf courses, in the gym or piloting his Cirrus aircraft in the skies over Scotland.

    Andy is married to Jane, a dental surgeon. They have two daughters and two sons.