Brenda Douglas

Brenda DouglasBrenda DouglasBrenda Douglas
Always put the customer at the heart of everything you do.

What links a traditional British biscuit to a Greek paradise? Meet Brenda Douglas, Business Development Manager at Insights...

  • If Brenda were a food what would she be?

    A Rich Tea Biscuit – popular and loved by most people. A long standing traditional treat that never changes as it ages and remains a steady favourite.

  • What is Brenda's Discovery wheel position?

    Brenda sits at position 48 on the Insights Discovery wheel; this means she leads with Sunshine Yellow energy but also has a strong preference for Cool Blue and Earth Green energy too! From her Discovery Personal Profile we know that Brenda:

    • is friendly, practical, realistic and down to earth
    • has a real zest for living and enjoys company
    • deeply committed whenever she chooses to undertake a role or task.

  • Brenda's defining moment at Insights (so far...)

    Attending her Insights Discovery Accreditation was a special time for Brenda. 

    As she explains: “Andi Lothian shared his passion, understanding and dreams of the Discovery model and I had so many light bulb moments. I really connected with his story and had so much admiration for his stamina and passion for what he does.  Thanks Andi”.

  • Who is Brenda's hero?

    Brenda wants to give special recognition to her late Dad.

    Brenda explains: “He called a spade a spade and was a “no nonsense” person but had the most incredible way of knowing when someone needed comfort or support without asking.  He had so much passion for the people in his life and for all the things he did and this was infectious!

    But the best memories are singing in the car with his 8-track stereo to the Everly Brothers".

  • How you may meet Brenda

    People can meet Brenda at Insights HQ, Terra Nova in Dundee working with her colleagues Jillian, Laura, Kerry and Vicky in the UK Business Development team.  Have a question to ask or need her support, please get in touch with her as loves to help.

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    Brenda at home with her husband Martin. She is incredibly proud of her 2 children who are away studying at University but she lives for the moments they are reunited to spend time together enjoying everything life has to offer.  If not at home, she will be in Lindos, Rhodes where she has a sense of calm and tranquillity but primarily enjoying the Greek hospitality and food but most importantly with a chilled glass of Rosé wine in her hand.