Greig Johnston

Greig JohnstonGreig JohnstonGreig Johnston
In life, as in football, you won’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are.

What links a Sunshine Yellow Cheetah to a winning and trusted formula? Meet Greig Johnston Chief Technology Officer at Insights...

  • If Greig were an animal what would he be?

    A cheetah – unique and fast paced, thriving on the opportunities that can exist on vast expanses of land. Greig is often seeking out opportunities where technology can add real value in a growing global business, working at pace with his team around him.

  • What is Greig's Insights Discovery wheel position?

    Greig is a Motivating Inspirer and sits at position 26 on the Insights Discovery wheel, leading with Sunshine Yellow energy.

    From his Discovery Personal Profile we know that Greig is:

    • articulate and active in communication
    • creative and future orientated visionar
    • willing to try anything at least once

  • Greig's defining moments at Insights (so far...)

    Meeting Andy Lothian for the first time at his interview. Twenty minutes into his presentation Andy interrupted to hold up a large flipchart paper to the glass window facing the car park and started knocking on the glass. The flipchart paper read “2 x Americano”.

    The coffee van in the car park had it made and brought upstairs two mintues later. Greig knew straight away this was his kind of organisation.

  • How does Greig use his colour energies in his role?

    Creativity, communication and leadership is key for Greig.

    Listening to an inspirational CEO speak at a conference, describing trust being one of the most important attributes of successful leadership. He recited a calculation for trust that has stuck with Greig ever since.

    Trust = (competence + reliability + initiative) / Self interest.

  • How you may meet Greig

    At his local football stadium watching the team he has supported since he was a child. (but he's not telling who!)

    Not only does Greig enjoy watching football but he often plays five-a-side football with other members of the Insights team. It's all good competitive fun!

  • Scratch the surface and you'll discover that

    Greig is a real family man, enjoying time at home with his wife Lindsay, daughter Amy and son Leo. Those who know Greig appreciate that he likes to talk, and having a laugh at work or play is really important to him.