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Thriving Through Change


As companies struggle to keep up with the changing political and financial environment, changes are happening more frequently to the point where it’s just becoming the norm. You should start to take for granted the fact that, whatever you are doing now, this time next year you'll be doing something - if not everything - differently.

Given the constantly shifting landscape, change is starting to become much less of a phenomenon and more of a quietly constant undercurrent to all our working lives. These changes can be anything from company mergers and acquisitions to a change of leader, or changes to the work environment or team.

Changes like these can have a big effect on how people in the organization are feeling, and how engaged and therefore productive they are. Often not enough focus is put on how everyone processes change differently, which is an oversight. Whether people in an organization are on board with a change can make the difference between success and failure.


Watch our on-demand webinar where we'll cover:

  • Change is constant - why is it important that people are on board?
  • Taking into account the human element of change management
  • How people process and respond to change differently
  • Why understanding others can make the change process easier to manage
  • How Insights can help with this
  • What you can do to prepare people for change and encourage a positive, resilient mindset

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