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Developing cross-stream collaboration in Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s Public Health Team


Growth is never by mere chance. It is the result of forces working together

James Cash Penney

With growth comes growing pains, but also opportunities.

Northumbria Healthcare’s Public Health team, established in 2018, grew from a small team to a larger, multi-disciplinary group.

Recognising the need to review the management and leadership required, the team focused on enhancing connections, cross-stream collaboration and developing a clear path aligned with Northumbria Healthcare’s public health needs and strategic goals.

A commitment was made to invest in team time to facilitate collaborative work and the development of a shared public health action plan, fostering teamwork and ownership.

...results of the sessions enabled the team to agree and build the foundations for future change and development...


The public health team enlisted the support of the Organisational Development (OD) team to facilitate this commitment.

The Insights Discovery workshops:

  • Identified opportunities for independent working
  • Facilitated breaking down silos, creating a shared understanding of differences across the team and what different team members did
  • Allowed the team to celebrate success
  • Facilitated the improvement of cross-stream collaboration
  • Fostered a sense of team identity and accountability moving forward
  • The sessions provided dedicated time for team bonding and enabled individuals to understand and appreciate each other’s behavioural preferences and working styles. This understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses fostered a collective identity and paved the way for shared ownership.


Results The results of the sessions enabled the team to agree and build the foundations for future change and development.

As a result, Insights Discovery has become an integral aspect of team communication, with the OD team delivering additional sessions and actively encouraging the sharing of Insights Discovery profiles and preferences among both new and existing team members.

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This was a new way of working for the team, from working in silos to working towards a shared purpose and thinking about all workstreams as cogs within the public health wheel.

Lisa Davies, PH OSM

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