Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile

People standing on the Discovery wheelInsights Discovery Full Circle

Learn more about the Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile and discover yourself through other people's eyes

Look deeper into your personal style with the help of those around you. Explore your preferences and behaviours, and how they might impact your relationships with others.

The Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile is ideal if you want to:

  • take the next step on the journey of self-awareness after the Insights Discovery Personal Profile
  • gain fresh insight into how others perceive your personal style
  • become more effective through a practical and engaging process

How it works

Insights Discovery Full Circle is based on the same principles as Insights Discovery, but it goes one step further in allowing you to learn more about how others perceive your preferences and behaviours. Once you’ve completed the Insights Discovery Evaluator, your selected feedback group are invited to complete a short Insights Discovery Full Circle evaluator about you.

Discovery Full Circle

  • The individual approach Your feedback group can be anyone you choose:  peers, team members, managers or customers.
  •  There are no limits to learning more about your individual approach!

The Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile can be used in both one-to-one and group dialogue. Bringing personal feedback to life in an engaging and positive way, it inspires the individual to take instant action to improve interaction with key stakeholders.

What it can lead to

Insights Discovery Full Circle takes individuals to a new level of self-understanding, exploring not only their own personal preferences, but how these impact on others around them. A quick and simple assessment completed by the feedback group provides a wealth of fresh and deep insight into personal effectiveness and inspires action.

How it fits with the Insights programmes

The Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile is the perfect complement to the Insights Discovery Personal Profile.  

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