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Leading Change: 4 key steps to help teams transition to hybrid working

Over the last couple of years, the pandemic has triggered drastic changes for almost all organisations around the world, bringing change leadership into the spotlight in a way that it hasn’t been before.

Change is something that has now been collectively experienced by both the smallest and largest businesses across the world, and arguably more importantly, by all their people too.

Change leaders who want to keep their teams engaged and happy during this transition phase will already be thinking about what kind of culture they want to create for their hybrid teams. But to be really effective, they need to do more than visualise a new way of working; they need to set the foundations for change through effective – and personalised – communication.

In this bite-sized guide, we look at how leaders can effectively support their own teams through transition to hybrid working, and effectively communicate change. We explore…

  • Change Leadership and considering differences
  • The 4 P’s of Leading Change: Purpose, Picture, People and Plan
  • Top tips to help you consider each area and effectively communicate change

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