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Reimagining offices through the language of color

We have reached an extraordinary moment in the disruption to our working world – one where we now have the chance to rebuild and reimagine what our future workplaces might look and feel like.

We’ve been gathering and using our offices in very specific ways for decades and now on some level, we have the chance to rethink that. A chance to question what works and what doesn’t, especially now we’ve all had the opportunity to experience what not being in the office looks like.

In this playbook we look at how we can reimagine the office through the language of color - creating spaces that are designed around people’s preferences whilst encouraging learning and personal development. We consider some of the key factors in reshaping our future offices and look at how this disruption has given us all a chance to reshape the office environment and put people at the heart of it.

In this playbook we cover:

  • Chapter 1 – The future of our workplaces
  • Chapter 2 – The purpose of the office
  • Chapter 3 – Through the lens of color
  • Chapter 4 – Self-awareness and the ‘whole’ self
  • Chapter 5 – Reimagining the office through color with five key spaces
  • Conclusion and key takeaways

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