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Discovering Sales and Influencing

Transform your approach, transform your results

You built momentum with Insights Discovery, now it’s time to ignite that potential, master the human connection behind the sale and accelerate your success.

What is it?

Discovering Sales and Influencing is a bespoke program that integrates the Insights Discovery Personal Profile and our six-stage model for effective selling and takes salespeople on an intense development journey.

As the natural next step in your sales journey, this program will enable each member of your sales team to strengthen their connections and create better customer experiences. Your salespeople will learn to strategically leverage their color energies and key selling behaviors in each of the six stages of the sale.

Who is it for?

This advanced sales program is for organizations that are ready to further their journey towards unprecedented sales results.

Successful learners become highly-developed salespeople who have the courage and skillset to transform every customer interaction into a win.

How does it work?

Discovering Sales and Influencing uses a combination of facilitated modular and interactive content to create a flexible and immersive experience.

In a series of practitioner-led sessions, your team will create personalized action plans that focus on their specific challenges, enhance their strengths and leverage their behavioural preferences to improve sales performance

Salespeople are given the rare opportunity to really think about their personal brands, how they show up, and how they can communicate with impact.

By the end of this intense program, your salespeople will have a practical strategy in place to strengthen their connections with specific clients that’s built on the unshakeable foundation of deep self-awareness and empathy for others.

  • In-depth personal profiles (to outline each salesperson’s strengths and development areas)

  • Launchpad workshop (to explore Insights Discovery in a sales setting)

  • Six versatile practitioner-led modules (virtual or face-to-face)

  • Six supporting playbooks (to empower ongoing self-led learning)

  • Materials include e-modules, sound bites and links to further resources

The six modules

The six modules address behaviors and skills at each of the stages of selling and can be delivered in flexible increments depending on needs.

The framework used for each of the six modules is consistent to help reinforce the learning, build momentum, and give the opportunity for flexible discussions across each area.

The playbooks for each module are designed to be interactive and engaging, with added elements like e-modules, sound bites, space to record learning and links to further resources.

Each module follows this pathway and is designed to guide the individual through the learning and be continually updated and revisited as they enhance their skills.

Ways to use it?

Discovering Sales and Influencing provides a deep exploration of each salesperson’s natural approach, preferences and strengths throughout the six stages of sales. Learners will:

  • Identify and eliminate communication and behavioral roadblocks to facilitate better outcomes
  • Learn to leverage their personal brand and personal strengths to exceed client expectations
  • Develop a practical action plan to enhance their skills and strengthen customer relationships
  • Thoroughly explore and develop four key behaviors that support the six stages of selling

What’s the impact?

Teams that invest in Discovering Sales and Influencing gain the ability to maximize their sales results including:

  • Profitable long-term relationships with key clients
  • Increased customer retention and loyalty
  • Versatile salespeople who increase trust with every customer interaction
  • Deeper, more authentic client relationships
  • Increased retention of your high potential sales leaders

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