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Beginning the Journey

Learning Journeys and My Insights

An exciting new way to experience Insights Discovery

In busy workplaces, people have less time and more distractions than ever before, plus technological advances have changed the way they want to learn. Virtual and dispersed teams are common, making face-to-face personal and team development time scarce and valuable. Blending traditional learning with our technology platform, My Insights, we create learning journeys that last, and are designed with today’s workplace realities in mind.

What is a learning journey?

A learning journey is a new way to experience Insights Discovery, delivering lasting change and learning that is immediately applicable in real life.

A learning journey means that some learning is delivered online, both before and after the more traditional Insights Discovery classroom experience (which could be in a physical or virtual room).


This means that delegates can grasp the basics upfront, so they are free to spend more time during the live learning experience itself digging deep into the real issues faced by those in the room. The learning journey then continues after the classroom experience through our digital platform, My Insights.

This blended learning approach leads to better business results, since tangible problems are addressed in the classroom, instead of focusing so much time on theory and understanding.

What is My Insights?

My Insights is our brilliantly interactive digital platform that hosts the content needed to complete a learning journey.

This easy-to-access content means delegates continue to use Insights Discovery as part of their everyday lives, instead of putting their profile in a drawer and going straight back to the day job.

My Insights includes:

  • Learning accelerators

    Videos and e-learning modules that need to be completed before and after the live learning experience

  • Sharing

    Learners can share their Insights Discovery Personal Profiles digitally, putting the power of Insights Discovery right into their hands

  • Champion’s Toolkit

    A resource library of hints, tips and exercises you can use to keep Insights Discovery front of mind during the working day

  • My World

    A performance tool that helps deliver the learning right in the moment and at the point of need

Who’s it for?

Self-awareness is key to the success of every individual, and that's exactly what Insights Discovery Learning Journeys deliver. By taking learners on a journey that goes far beyond the traditional ‘workshop’ experience, we give them the tools to make lasting improvements in the relationships that are so important to their success at work.

Learning Journeys and My Insights are for:

  • Learners who want to bring about real and lasting change
  • People who need to build effective relationships in the moment
  • Those who like to learn at their own pace, in their own way

Watch our short video to learn more.

What's the impact

We’ve all been part of learning at work that is fun, and a nice day away from the desk, but makes no real impact in the longer term. Learning Journeys, delivered through My Insights, are designed to make that a thing of the past. By putting some of the key learns up front, and continuing to bring Insights Discovery to life long after the classroom experience, we’re turning traditional learning and development on its head. And when you experience the long-term impact of our Learning Journeys, you’ll see that it’s an investment that continues to pay off for years to come.

For the moment, only Insights Discovery is available as a learning journey hosted on My Insights. Eventually, this will be available for all Insights products and solutions covering our five main areas of expertise - Teamwork, Leadership, Change, Engagement and Sales and Service.

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