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Insights + ATD

Great to see you at ATD!

We're thrilled to be at ATD's 2018 International Conference. Come see us at Booth 643 and make sure to catch our session "In a Disrupted Workplace, Being Human Is Your Competitive Advantage."

In a Disrupted Workplace, Being Human Is Your Competitive Advantage

Monday, May 7th | 1:00pm - 2:15pm | Room 24A

Our businesses and people are being disrupted by sudden change, innovative technology, and new ways of working. As learning and development professionals, it is our task is to reconnect with, and rediscover the traits and skills that make us uniquely human and can help us navigate our changing world. In fact, being human may be our greatest competitive advantage and our greatest professional responsibility. In this session, the speakers will invite you to stop, question, and understand what it means to rediscover the humanity in yourself, the people you support, and your organizations.

Join in to learn how it's the people that transform our workplaces into living, breathing, inspiring communities, and why now is the time we must rediscover what it means to be human.

Can't make it to our live session at ATD, or want to find out more? Register now for our webinar on May 17 at 12:30pm EST!

Rediscovering Human

Rediscovering Human: Read an extract from Chapter One

In late 2018, Insights is bringing you Rediscovering Human, a book that looks at humanity in all of its beautiful complexity and asks:

In this age of machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms that govern our human connections, how do we continue to bring the very essence of what makes us human out into the light?

This book is for anyone who's wondering what kind of workforce their kids will join once AI becomes an everyday office presence. It's for anyone who gets their breaking news from Twitter, but also misses the days where we didn't have to fit our complex thoughts into a tweet. It's for all of us humans who have a stake in the future, and are still waiting to see the full potential of humanity realized in all of its wonderful, flawed, crazy, ambitious, intelligent glory.

We must never lose sight of what really counts in the success of organizations - HUMANS.
If we keep humanity at the center of our society, this can be a time of hope & opportunity.
Rediscovering Human
Book coming in late 2018

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