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Keeping the learning alive:

embedding the language of the color energies

This webinar is an interactive discussion about how to leverage your Insights Discovery investment and “keep it alive” after the initial workshop. Bring your best practices to share with other practitioners and we’ll share some of our favorite activities to reinforce and sustain the language of the color energies.


 Please join us on January 24th at 11am – 12pm EST.


Continuing Education Opportunities

Designed exclusively for Insights Practitioners

In response to your requests for more tools and information using the Insights portfolio, we've created monthly learning opportunities.  

These virtual webinars have been specifically designed to encourage our practitioners to address the key issues faced by companies and to develop the theory associated with these issues, applying the knowledge gained during your accreditation. 

Benefits of Insights Discovery Webinars

  • Receive practical tips and tricks to create programs with more impact
  • Connect with colleagues and share ideas
  • Convenient virtual learning opportunities
  • Each 60 minute webinar provides opportunity for live question and answers. We look forward to meeting you virtually!
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