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Changing the future of your organization starts with you: One CEO’s journey of self-understanding

Starting with me

Insights Discovery works by helping people understand themselves on a deeper level and then extending to what this means for how they work with others. When Shane first opened her Insights Discovery Personal Profile, she was faced with a description of a person she didn’t recognize. Acknowledging that she wasn’t always showing up the way she intended was just the beginning for Shane. The next step was to apply this knowledge for real benefit to herself, her team and the whole organization, and Shane was ready and eager to explore the possibilities.

When I took the energy I expended keeping my vulnerabilities and weaknesses hidden and started putting it into the opposite, we flourished.
Shane Murphy Goldsmith

Helping my teams

Shane needed to start applying this new approach with the staff at Liberty Hill to start addressing some of the cohesion challenges. She started with her newly hired executive team, who learned that they were diverse from an Insights Discovery perspective and that they all had very different ways of working. They were able to start using the color energy language and profile to work on their relationships and team dynamics – starting with how they were showing up to each other. All of this behavior change stems from a foundation of self-understanding. Like Shane, when everyone in the team knows and understands what their strengths and areas for growth are, they know what they need to dial up or down in a given situation, enabling them to adapt.

Shane has become a huge advocate for self-awareness after her own rich and transformational experience. The growth she’s achieved as a leader has helped her build a stronger, more connected team, and has led to increased collaboration and conflict resolution—accelerating the success of the whole organisation.

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“The counter-intuitive result is that I thought it would be a distraction but it has been the exact opposite. What we’ve achieved is so much more than I ever imagined we could do on every conceivable metric."

Shane Murphy Goldsmith

President & CEO, Liberty Hill