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Building effective communication and sustained success with Insights Discovery


The executive team at Casino Del Sol have a job that goes beyond market share and relates to empowering the health and well-being of its shareholders: The Pasca Yaqui Tribal community.  

Starting back in 2017, the executive team was ready to take the casino’s award-winning success to the next level.  

For them, the ‘how’ was clear: in a business about people; start there.  

Leadership recognized that key teams could be more cohesive and communicate better. 

A decision was made to enable employees to communicate better and to understand and appreciate their own value and the value that others brought to the table.  

It was critical that everyone felt supported to bring their most authentic selves to work and were confident to apply their unique talents to the community success of Casino Del Sol.

It’s amazing to see the Insights vernacular being used in management meetings, people refer to their color energy when describing how they feel…it helps us to communicate better.
Marcus Diaz - Head of Organizational Development


The organizational development team set a goal: support teams by creating self-awareness and teaching effective communication skills at every level.  

The measurement would be a meaningful improvement in every team member’s professional experience with careful and equal consideration given to those team members who manage and lead others.  

Casino Del Sol moved forward with a series of Insights Discovery workshops and one-to-one profile sessions, first at the executive level, then throughout the various branches of the organization.  

In the six years since inception, the casino has accredited two in-house Insights Discovery experts to deliver programs to an entire generation of employees, and today Insights Discovery is an integral part of onboarding and a key component of each team member’s ongoing professional development.  

We have experienced a marked difference in how people navigate interpersonal challenges, frequently referring to their profiles to guide their development.


Adopting the language of color energies has transformed how employees communicate with each other.  

The benefit is felt externally too.  

Casino Del Sol promises guests a best-in-class experience, and the casino looks to its teams to make that happen. If managers are more self-aware and conscious of their behaviors, then the strategic bet, according to Head of Organizational Development Marcus Diaz, is they’ll become better leaders, capable of building morale throughout their teams and empowering Casino Del Sol to meet its brand promise.  

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There are always going to be challenges, and Insights Discovery reminds people of what they bring to the table, so they can overcome those challenges and thrive in the best possible way.

Marcus Diaz

Head of Organizational Development