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How Acrotech built successful collaboration through Insights Discovery


Acrotech Biopharma Inc. aims to launch scientifically advanced products that deliver value to patients.  

As a streamlined and innovative company, Acrotech recognized the need for a cohesive framework to enhance internal and external communication. 

If we understand how people show up and process information, it’ll foster the success of the company.
Lee Snyder - Senior Director Learning & Development


Recognizing the importance of top-down endorsement, Acrotech started its Insights Discovery journey with the senior leadership team.  

 By immersing key stakeholders in the learning process and encouraging active participation, Acrotech fostered internal champions who would explain the Insights methodology and promote the program throughout the organization. 

 Leveraging internal champions and regional leaders, Acrotech conducted immersive workshops and training sessions, encouraging employees to embrace their unique strengths and appreciate the diverse perspectives within the organization.  

“I look for something that’s not only innovative, but something very simple that people can remember.”


By investing in ongoing training, Acrotech empowered its teams to use Insights-driven strategies and adapt their communication styles with agility and confidence. 

Insights Discovery enabled Acrotech to lay foundations for empathy, adaptability, and mutual respect, essential for sustained growth and innovation.  

After the Insights sessions were introduced, Acrotech experienced an surge of collaboration and innovation that permeated throughout the company. 

Implementing Insights Discovery didn’t just help internal communication; a strategic shift developed amongst the sales team as well.  

With the rollout of the Insights Sales Effectiveness workshop across the sales regions, the language of color empowered sales teams to tailor their approach with customers, resulting in more meaningful engagements and enhanced customer relationships.   

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Insights will continue to help us build a strong culture, improve collaboration, and help us be more effective at our jobs.

Lee Snyder

Senior Director Learning & Development