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Apply to become an Insights partner

Which Partnership is right for me?

Becoming an Insights Partner means you can promote and sell Insights Discovery and as an accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner you can deliver workshops, as well as coach and debrief Insights Discovery profiles.

Complete our pre-selection form and Insights will contact you to discuss your application and the next steps to Insights Discovery Accreditation.

Distributor is a business entity authorised to distribute Insights Discovery profiles and materials and is responsible for the invoicing of Insights Discovery facilitation and solutions. There is an annual Distributor Fee.

  • A Distributor must go through a four-day accreditation and complete a Confirmation of Learning to become a Licensed Practitioner
  • Distributors enjoy discounted pricing and are able to set the sales price for profiles and materials sold under their Distributorship
  • A Distributor is authorised to support additional Licensed Practitioners and is required to provide their LPs with administrative support, mentoring and sales planning services

Licensed Practitioner (LP) is an independent business consultant who is accredited to facilitate and deliver Insights Discovery solutions. There is an annual LP Fee.

  • To become a Licensed Practitioner you must attend a four-day accreditation and complete a Confirmation of Learning
  • An LP must be affiliated with an Insights Discovery Distributor through a contractual agreement or purchase their own Distributor reseller license
  • Licensed Practitioners who are not Distributors are required to purchase Insights Discovery profiles and materials through their contracted Distributor