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Deepen your knowledge of Insights Discovery in 2017!

The Insights Practitioner Education Webinar Series continues in 2017 with new and exciting content. If you are new or a seasoned Insights Discovery Practitioner there is something to learn for everyone.

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2017 Dates and Topics

Keeping Insights Discovery Alive
Thursday April 6th | 11am-12pm CST

Join us for an interactive discussion about how to leverage the investment made in Insights Discovery and “keep it alive” after the initial workshop. Bring your best practices to share as we consider specific strategies for how individuals and teams reinforce and sustain the common language of Discovery.

Stress and the Color Energies
Wednesday May 3rd | 11am–12pm CST

Stress is a factor in every workplace and impacts us not only as individuals, but can impact all those around us.

It is helpful for us to better understand the impact of stress on ourselves, our team and our performance so where possible we can mitigate any negative impact.

We encourage you to join us for this one hour webinar to talk about stress and the color energies.


Working 1:1 with the Profile | CP’s and LP’s
Monday June 5th | 9am – 10am PST

We have found that one of the more challenging topics around facilitating with Insights Discovery is understanding the graphs and potentially more importantly, coaching individuals using their graphs and profile. To help you become comfortable using and coaching individuals with their profiles, we have designed this program to ensure you are set up for success using the Insights Discovery materials


Please contact us if you have any questions about upcoming or previous webinars. We look forward to helping you keep Insights Discovery alive in your organization in 2017!