Dayna Cohen


What links the Blues and a creative challenge loving gypsy? Meet Dayna Cohen, Events Manager at Insights...

  • What is Dayna's Insights Discovery wheel position?

    Dayna's Insights Discovery wheel position is 46; this means she leads with Sunshine Yellow energy but also has a strong preference for Fiery Red and Earth Green energy too!

    From Dayna's Insights Discovery Personal Profile we know that she:

    • Is socially adept, even-tempered and tireless in her efforts to bring about peace and well-being
    • May generate more ideas, possibilities and plans in one day than others might manage in a month!
    • Tends to have a series of initiated, but unfinished projects

  • If Dayna were a song what would she be?

    She would be "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison as it evokes a passionate yet ethereal credo: BE in the world, take it all in...

    "Hark, now hear the sailors cry
    Smell the sea and feel the sky
    Let your soul and spirit fly
    Into the mystic."

    And because her husband calls her Gypsy, she love the line: "I wanna rock your gypsy soul."

  • Dayna's defining moment at Insights (so far...)

    There have beens so many for her as she has been with us for close to nine years! So she is picking two, because she is impetuous:

    • Years ago Insights hosted a huge event set in a beautiful country club high above Seattle with over 150 engaged people. Dayna had even hired a bagpiper to play the attendees in! This experience resonates with her because she witnessed all the hard work our team put in to the event, which resulted in life-changing learning for the customer.
    • Last fall at our Customer Conference in New Orleans over 100 Insights Discovery Practitioners were led down Bourbon Street by a brass band; there was much cheering, throwing beads and marching. She was very happy to have put that together and was thrilled with our customers response to it!

  • Who is Dayna's hero?

    This one is easy for her; anyone who works with the elderly to make their lives better and give them the honor and dignity they have earned.

  • How you may meet Dayna

    Often at an Insights event she is sponsoring, in the Austin or Seattle offices, or anywhere you need her! She travels light, and will go almost anywhere to make a connection with her clients and colleagues.

  • What motivates Dayna

    She is motivated by a good story, a creative challenge, and an authentic connection. If you are engaged and excellent at what you do then you will motivate her.

  • Scratch the surface and you’ll find...

    A pretty good chef, a voracious reader, a lover of beauty, a blues singer, a people connector and an adventurer.