Janice Light

Janice LightJanice LightJanice Light
I'm hopeless with quotes. I often find quotes I like and try to remember them, but always forget. Sorry, that's my quote!

What links Fiery Red energy with someone who loves relaxing on the beach? Meet Janice Light, President of Insights Poland and Spain...

  • If Janice were an animal, what would she be and why?

    Janice would choose to be a horse, because they are independent, wild and free!

  • What is Janice's Discovery wheel position?

    Janice's Discovery wheel position is 21, meaning she leads with Fiery Red energy but can often show dominant Cool Blue, when she is analysing, questioning and challenging. Janice has surrounded herself with people with Earth Green energy, as she does not have a lot to draw on, but appreciates it in others.

    From her Discovery Personal Profile we know that Janice is:

    • Task-focused and resourceful
    • Action-oriented - rises to the challenge
    • Drives herself and others to achieve results

  • Janice's defining moment at Insights (so far...)

    Janice played a pivotal role in the creation of a smooth translations process within Insights, of which she is (rightly) proud!

  • How you may meet Janice

    Either in the bar or on the beach. Perfect ways to relax!

  • What motivates Janice?

    Achievement and success, which means watching her own parts of the business grow.

  • How does Janice use her colour energies in her role

    Janice uses her Fiery Red energy to lead change based on her Cool Blue analysis, mostly feeling the small but powerful Earth Green caring charge, but sometimes missing it and having to apologise and retract overly Fiery Red conclusions! The Sunshine Yellow is rather hard to find and pops out strongly when she’s very nervous, but can float out nicely when she’s really comfortable.