Matt Brinkley

Matt BrinkleyMatt BrinkleyMatt Brinkley
Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. Franz Kafka

What links a Creative Type with a craft beer lover? Meet Matt Brinkley, US Operations Manager at Insights...

  • If Matt were an animal what would he be?

    A migratory goose. Always eager to move forward and never willing to give up; Matt loves to seek out new directions and solutions. His preference is to take the lead but he knows when to fall back and play a supporting role too.

    And he makes for a pretty comfortable pillow too!

  • What is Matt's Discovery Wheel position?

    Matt sits at position 144 on the Insights Discovery wheel (Creative Directing Motivator) and leads with Fiery Red energy.  From his Discovery Personal Profile, we know that Matt is:

    • Direct, results oriented person who considers people within the framework of his objectives
    • Extraverted, future oriented and fascinated by new ideas
    • Someone who likes to lead rather than manage and is normally fair but demanding
    • Inquisitive, versatile, adaptable and resourceful

  • Matt's defining moment at Insights (so far...)

    The privilege of being asked to serve and lead the Austin operations team. And to lead the US Region’s Key Strategic Programme: Consistency of Customer Experience.

    As Matt explains: "I have been able to have a direct impact on the experiences of our customers and the daily operations of our US teams. Pretty awesome."

  • How you may meet Matt

    In the Austin office, supporting clients and the operations team members. Matt is always striving for consistency, progress, and to give our customers a better experience.

    Outside of the office, he is hanging out with his lovely wife Shannon and tenacious son Davin or zooming around town on his scooter.                   

  • How does Matt use his colour energies in his role?

    His mix of Fiery Red and Earth Green energies help him to purposefully challenge others and demand results in a caring, supportive way.

    What can we say - he's a Creative type!

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    A laid back but quite competitive guy who loves to explore and learn new things.

    He is obsessed with his cranky cat Emily, drinking local craft beer (not while riding the scooter!), wandering around outdoors, and pondering outer space.