Spencer Gillman

Spencer GilllmanSpencer GillmanSpencer Gillman
“Do I dare disturb the universe?” T.S. Eliot

What links an ardent Bob Dylan fan, strategic marketing, and chocolate? Meet Spencer Gillman, Head of Marketing and Creative Services at Insights...

  • What motivates Spencer?

    • Getting things right for our customers. He finds taking the time to really listen to what our customers want very rewarding, especially when they surprise him! 
    • A new and innovative idea– Spencer is a big fan of www.Ted.com
    • Spencer tries to read a book every few weeks, it pushes him to stay up to date and to challenge his thinking.

  • What is Spencer's Insights Discovery wheel position?

    Spencer sits at position 24 on the Insights Discovery wheel (Directing Motivator) and leads with dominant Fiery Red energy. From his Discovery Personal Profile we know that Spencer:

    • sees the “big picture”.
    • takes on and shares ideas.
    • exudes high drive, direction and sociability

  • Who is Spencer's hero?

    Bob Dylan, a singer, poet and songwriter with a tendency to question the established way of doing things.

    Blood on the Tracks is Spencer's favourite Dylan album, with Tangled up in Blue in his all time top five favourite songs.

  • How you might meet Spencer

    Spencer likes to meet as many of the Insights customers around the globe as possible, so you may have met him already! Spencer explains:

    "For me, marketing is about understanding the real customer experience. If you are a chef, you should always taste the food!"

    Although born in the south of England, Spencer is now based in the USA, more specifically at the Insights office in Austin, Texas. You may find him at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    A lover of words, music, and dark chocolate!