Involving the team in a journey with Insights Discovery

Project Leader: Antonello Bisogno, Country Manager Italy
Customer: NOVARTIS Diagnostics & Vaccines (Based in Siena-Italy)
Project: “Involving the team in a journey with Insights Discovery”
Ref: Benedetta Caselli - HR Manager CommOps, Diagnostics, IT Italy

  • Facilitators: Alessandro Almonti – Girolamo Asta – Giovanni Verrecchia
  • Coach Support: Francesco Mastropietro

Key Facts Summary

Scope of the project
To intervene in the days of the Off-site meeting of March 2014 – annual convention of the SALES TEAM, presided by the Managing Director programmed in Matera, during the month of March 2014, which represents, for the Sales Forces,  kick-off on the priority annual activities, by focusing the intervention on Communicational Effectiveness. For the 1st STEP, we have then proposed an itinerary oriented toward the effectiveness of personal communication, with 34 people participating in the training activity, with moments of plenum and of activities in 3 sub - groups.

To make sure to provide everyone with the right support and the opportunity to join and participate as best as he/she can in reaching the common GOALS by using and connecting his/her own energies and communication skills with all those of the others.

When - where
2014 March 4th and 5th - MATERA (ITA)


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The development of Personal Effectiveness with Insights Discovery

Let’s find out more about ourselves and others

Objectives of the Insights training activity for Novartis Vaccines:

  1. Provide the participants with ideas to boost communicational effectiveness within their team
  2. Stimulate the research of new and alternate methods of exchange of information and knowledge among the members of the team involved in the training.
  3. Stimulate the research of the most effective methodology to build relationships on two main levels:
    • the “internal customer” (colleagues, hierarchical reports, collaborators)
    • the “external customer”