Personal Effectiveness R&D Team with Insights Discovery

Project Leader: Antonello Bisogno, Country Manager Italy
Customer: PFIZER (Based in Rome-Italy)
Project: “Personal Effectiveness R&D Team with Insights Discovery"
Ref: Federica Bitonti, Director of Compliance Oversight - CTSC Head of Clinical Operation

Key Facts Summary

Step project

  1. May 2013: Introducing Insights Discovery Language & Metodology to improve Personal & RD Team Communications Effectiveness.
  2. July 2013: References for a Quick Follow Up – 3 hours playing with Insights colors cards & teams perception
  3. January 2014: 2nd step for a successfull Follow Up: define your own action plain
  4. February 2014: The head of R&D Department becomes a coach for her own team.

What made us proud

Dear Fede,
We will send you a fond farewell with the sunset of the zero floor A Wing. We inform you that we have done the workshops, we have worked on me and S. to become more red and more green, M. who already owned all the colors in the drawer and we have pulled out of G. which is committed to “verdegiallare”, S1 and I know S2 perfect for them, and as they say the Latins (a) "Last but not least" the great Greenfinches, G., A. and L... you see the world with more philosophy and hat you are taken away.

A dear greeting from your Team!
w – S – A - J – S – L – M – G – S

 rd1  rd2


Next Steps 2015

The opportunity to evaluate a training intervention on the theme of “indirect collaborators management” emerges, and specifically on how to make any occasion of exchange and information, update, development of a work project even more efficient and productive, through the enhancement of the techniques of feedback’s interview, so transforming every occasion in an opportunity of growth of the relationship with one’s indirect collaborator. This intervention will be part of a specific project of continuous training which objective is to use this support as a priority tool to reach both a greater level of effectiveness and efficiency in performing and managing one’s activities and in the activities of relation development with one’s service providers or directly with one’s indirect colleagues/collaborators, with the purpose of generating new value for all the members of the production chain.