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At Insights, we want our customers to be sure that the products they’re choosing to grow their people, have been developed using sound psychological principles and methodology.

This means when you complete an evaluator you can be assured that our dedicated research and development teams have rigorously tested the validity and reliability of the model and continue to support excellence in the Learning and Development community.

What is it based on?

The Insights Discovery model is based on the extensive research of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and one of his leading students Dr Jolande Jacobi.

The model uses four colours to represent observable behavioural patterns which are measured by the Insights Discovery evaluator, which when completed produces your Insights Discovery Personal Profile.

Reliability and Validity: How do we test for it?

The Insights Research team have spent over two decades measuring the quality of our items and refining the evaluator to ensure that our Insights Discovery offering is the highest standard it can be across 30+ languages globally.

Essentially this involves numerous statistical analyses to check we are measuring what we say we are, how well we do this, and the consistency of how well our evaluator performs over time.

You can find more detail on our validation process, the measurement criteria, and our performance against which it has been tested by downloading the fact sheet below.

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