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Face-to-Face Accreditation Calendar

Have you had an experience with Insights Discovery that opened your eyes to its power and potential?

Become accredited to work with Insights Discovery in your own organisation and learn how to empower your colleagues to fulfil their potential while transforming your company culture and performance. 

We run face-to-face Insights Discovery Accreditation events on a variety of dates at a vast number of locations across the globe, so we're sure you'll be able to find the one that's right for you.

There are a limited number of spaces available so please click on the appropriate tab below to explore your region further. 

We also have virtual accreditation sessions that you can attend if face-to-face sessions are not suitable. 

Get in touch today to start the conversation!

North America

Seattle202321 - 24 MarchEnglishLink
Austin, TX,202318 - 21 AprilEnglishLink
Boston20239 - 12 MayEnglishLink
Brazil202323 - 26 MayPortuguese
Washington20236 - 9 JuneEnglishLink

United Kingdom

Leicester202318 - 21 AprilEnglish
Dublin20238 - 11 MayEnglish
Dublin202318 - 21English
Dublin202313 - 16English
Derby202327 - 30th JuneEnglish