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Deeper Discovery

Unlock individual and team potential

Whether it's the next step of your journey with Insights Discovery, or this is where our partnership begins, Deeper Discovery is a uniquely powerful tool for unlocking potential in people, teams and leaders alike.

What is it?

Personal and professional growth go hand in hand. Deeper Discovery encourages people to uncover what drives them, what inspires them, what's brought them to where they are today, and what legacy they want to leave in the future. These conversations unlock self-understanding, and then unleash serious professional development.

To get started, delegates receive a personal Deeper Discovery Profile, the chapters of which include:

  • My hopes and fears

  • My legacy

  • Questions for reflection

  • Questions for action

Who is it for?

The Deeper Discovery experience gets to the heart of the people potential in your organization - it raises your gaze from the everyday to look at your goals, your hopes and fears, and what you want your legacy to be. It’s critical for people, teams and senior leaders who want to maximise their potential and leave a lasting legacy.

Just like the name says, it takes you deeper. Watch our video to see how Deeper Discovery can unlock the potential in your organization.

How does it work?

The central part of any Deeper Discovery solution, the profile forms the focus for a series of workshops and individual coaching sessions. Over the course of the program, people are given the time and space to reflect on their progress, and make long-term plans to leave a legacy that's positive, inspiring and true to their values.

With a mixture of individual work, group conversations and even homework, this is a program that's serious about transforming how people view themselves at work, helping them appreciate the impact that they have, readying them to deal with change, and making sure that they put action plans into place which will help them build a legacy to be proud of.

Ways to use it

Deeper Discovery has the greatest impact when used by anyone who finds themselves at what we call a 'defining moment'. This might be something positive - a new opportunity, a promotion, or an exciting challenge - or it could be a business challenge that is a little tougher to face.

Using Deeper Discovery to nurture personal and professional growth, we help:

  • leaders build a legacy to be proud of
  • teams look their biggest challenges in the eye
  • people use their innate gifts to build career success

What's the impact?

Make no mistake, Deeper Discovery takes you to places that other development tools don't.

By encouraging people to take a step back and really understand their strengths, their weaknesses, their ambitions and their fears, we push them to unlock their potential. Using the Deeper Discovery model allows people to take a long look at what truly motivates them, and how they can release their untapped potential.

It's a brilliant and powerful way to look into the potential that's inside all of us - individuals, teams and leaders alike.

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