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Insight den 11 januari 2021

Self-Aware Leader: why our new leadership solution is critical to your business

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our key leadership solution, Self-Aware Leader. Forming an integral part of Insights solutions portfolio, we’re introducing it at a time that feels more critical than ever. Because right now, we really need our leaders to show up well.

The last few months may have meant that we’ve had time to reflect on what great leadership really means. In spite of the disruption and disconnection that we’ve experienced, it’s also brought one thing into focus: that our human skills are more critical than ever. We may have gone into lockdown thinking that technology would be the thing that pulled us through – and it has played a vital role in keeping us connected – but in the big moments it’s our people skills that have really delivered. As some of us now experience another challenging phase of lockdown, we can’t lose focus on that.

The Self-Aware Leader solution aims to develop leaders at all levels of an organisation. Leadership is all about personal qualities; empathy, conviction, charisma, and dependability, and how these qualities show up in each individual. Our solution encourages leaders to reflect on and evaluate their own unique leadership style. Leaders will learn how they can rely on their natural attributes, and from there determine how they can bring the best out of themselves – and those they lead.

How is the Self-Aware Leader different to other learning and development solutions? Our existing customers will know that self-awareness forms a key part of all the solutions in the Insights portfolio and, as you can probably predict by its name, Self-Aware Leader is no different. Grounded in self-awareness, this solution will encourage leaders to look inwards and reflect on both their strengths and vulnerabilities. Once they’re more aware of their personal communication style they’ll be encouraged to build on their leadership capabilities in a way that feels authentic to them.

So what are the benefits of developing your leaders – and why is it so important to do it now? Well, investing in your leaders will create much wider business benefits, and that impact will be felt throughout your organisation. Having self-aware leaders can result in more focused and engaged employees, increased performance potential, and a climate that is respectful, inclusive, and values the differences every single person brings to the team and wider organisation. At Insights, we’re all about bringing your whole self to work, and that can only begin through self-awareness.

So where exactly does Self-Aware Leader sit in our customer road map? Well, the Self-Aware Leader is the ideal next step from our flagship product, Insights Discovery. It builds on our Insights Discovery model for understanding behaviours by exploring eight essential leadership dimensions. If you’re looking for a solution to develop new leaders who have recently transitioned into their role, or you want to support experienced leaders who are looking for richer opportunities for self-development, then the Self-Aware Leader solution could be a really impactful investment. Great leaders have to shoulder a lot right now. However, with the right support and development we can ensure they maximise their potential and create a real competitive advantage within their organisation.

We’re really excited about this solution and the critical role it plays within our customer journey, and we hope you will be too. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with us today.

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