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Change Management

Why you should care

Studies show that employee readiness is a critical driver of change success. So if your people aren't agile and constantly ready to adapt, your change initiatives will fail.


of change initiatives fail

How Insights works with you

Change is no longer an event that happens to people, teams or organizations – it’s a constant state of being. Neither is it a process than can be managed, rather it’s something that is happening to most of us, most of the time.

Finding innovative solutions to old problems is key to business success in the 21st century – so much so that many organizations exist in a state of continuous transformation, just to stay relevant.

“Implementing a successful change management initiative isn't a one-time thing. Creating lasting change requires companies to evolve, and those that evolve successfully can achieve stronger financial performance.” - Gallup

So how do we help companies get ready to embrace change? Well, our approach is not change or process-centric – as you’d expect from Insights, it’s people-centric.

Thriving through change

Our change program, Thriving Through Change, uses Insights Discovery as a foundation to understand how different people process change in different ways. It helps learners to understand their reaction to stress, their preferred communication style when it comes to change, how they process information, and what motivates and engages them when change is underway. Insights Discovery helps everyone to proactively respond to changes rather than just reacting to them.

For us, the key to successful change is the human element, so we look at how people are differently affected by change, including:

  • The psychology of change

  • The five steps to successful change management

  • Communicating change using the colour energies

  • Stress factors during change

What does it look like?

We support our customers to become resilient in the face of constant change, by helping their people, teams and leaders be agile, responsive, and cultivate a growth mindset, where everyone has the capacity to learn and develop new skills or attributes, and an individual’s potential is unknown.

By focusing on agility and adaptability, we help people, teams and leaders get ready for whatever changes are coming next - and changes are definitely coming.

When we work with you, we'll always start with what's at the heart of your business - your people. By helping each individual understand how they react to change, why that might be, and why others do it differently, we can build in the resilience that is so key to coping with ongoing transformation.

Kicking off with Insights Discovery and moving through our portfolio to focus on how teams and leaders approach change, we make sure that your learning journey is tailored to what you're facing as an organization.

But it's not a nice to have or a quick fix. Our change approach is designed to boost understanding first, but then we quickly make it applicable to your organization, your teams and your people. When our change methodology is applied to real-life situations, you'll begin to see breakthroughs being made, right across your organization, in how people deal with inevitable ongoing change.

The results

As a result of the Thriving Through Change delegates will:


Be able to understand and manage their own reactions to change


Be able to communicate better within teams, supporting them to maintain their cohesion and productivity while change occurs


Understand and accept that others are likely to react and behave differently according to their own personality preferences


Explore how people resist change and how we view it through a colour lens

Explore how we supported AstraZeneca through establishing - and making a success of - a new business unit.

9th largest global drug company
50K employees worldwide

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