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Legal & Cookies

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Legal Information pages.

Please be assured that Insights takes the security of our clients’ personal information seriously and our policies and operations comply with all the relevant international privacy and data protection laws.

Insights also needs to ensure that the ownership, integrity and value of its intellectual property rights is not prejudiced by appropriate use of copyright and trademarks.

You can access information on our policies from this page. Any queries should be sent to

Privacy Statements and Data Protection

Learn more about how Insights handles your privacy and personal information. This includes specific information on the security of client's personal information in our Evaluator Policy.

Intellectual Property

Read more about Intellectual Property, Insights' use of trademarks and Insights copyright materials.

Purchasing Terms and Conditions

View Insights terms and conditions for the purchase of products and services from suppliers.

Standard Terms of Business

View Insights terms and conditions for the supply of products and services.