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Discovering Sales Effectiveness

Inspire your people to exceed their sales goals

We take sales success to the next level by making it personal. By focusing on the value of the relationship and the human connection behind the sale, we give salespeople the tools they need to connect with their customers through the language of Insights Discovery.

What is it?

Drawing on the depth of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, Discovering Sales Effectiveness is an introductory program that will empower your salespeople to leverage their unique style to influence customers, peers and managers and form part of a truly exceptional sales team.

Using our in-depth Sales Chapter and our six-stage sales model, we help salespeople develop a more personalized and person-led approach to sales by exploring the preferences at play in every customer interaction.

Who is it for?

Insights relationship-led selling approach makes meeting your customers’ needs easy. When you accelerate your relationships, you transform the customer experience in a way that works for every one of your customers, time after time.

Check out our animated video that brings this process to life.

How does it work?

Understanding your personal approach is key, but it’s the application of that knowledge that will take your sales success to the next level.

Discovering Sales Effectiveness focuses on increasing self-awareness in salespeople and helping them adapt to others. We empower them to identify their customers’ preferences upfront using the understanding of psychological types they’ve already learned through Insights Discovery. They can use this knowledge to improve their interactions, because every customer is different and needs a tailored approach.

By quickly building better relationships, the sales cycle is accelerated, leading to increased conversions, happier customers and more loyalty.

This action-focused foundation makes Insights sales programs intensely practical.

  • Introduction into the Insights six-stage selling model

  • In-depth personal profile (to outline each salesperson’s strengths and development areas)

  • Practitioner-led workshop

  • Exercises and action planning for immediate impact

  • Fits alongside existing sales and training methodologies

Ways to use it

Discovering Sales Effectiveness will change the way your salespeople interact with customers so they’re delivering a more customer-led, empathetic approach. We help salespeople:

  • Understand their personal style at each stage of the sales cycle
  • Build better relationships with customers and colleagues
  • Adapt more effectively to customer needs to secure better outcomes

What’s the impact?

Discovering Sales Effectiveness is a solid investment because it's based on something that never goes out of style: knowing your customers as well as you know yourself. Customer data can only take you so far if you don’t also consider the person behind the customer.

Our approach is to make the learning compelling and practical, so once your salespeople are back on the job, you'll immediately see benefits like renewed customer focus, improved customer engagement and stronger sales performance.

Smashing sales targets will become your new normal.

What's the next step?

Radical results require radical solutions.

Empower your team to elevate their sales results, enhance customer experiences and transform their toughest sales challenges into success with our advanced sales program, Discovering Sales and Influencing.

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