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New World, New Me

The world has changed, the world of work is changing; what about you?

Some have had changes thrust upon them through layoffs and furloughs, while others are choosing major changes in company, career path, location, and preferences for work schedules. There are more jobs than workers and the old paradigms of what it means to work have broken down. Jobs listed as "remote" have increased, opening up options that were never before possible. Flexible working hours and situations have proved surprisingly successful in many fields and are now likely here to stay in some form.

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So…what will you do in this new world? Who will you be?

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Maybe you’re happy to return to your recently re-opened office and pick up where you left off two years ago. Or maybe you find yourself being pulled towards a different challenge, or role, or working pattern, or even place to live; but you aren't sure which pathway to take. Maybe you feel that you are largely the same person you always have been. Or maybe you feel that the challenges of the recent past have changed you or shown you parts of yourself that you’d like to change.

A little self-reflection goes a long way, which is why, at the start of the year, people take stock and commit to doing better, being better and stepping into the new year with a focus on the future. At Insights, we’re all about reflection and growth, which is why we’re sharing some pledges from some of our leaders about how they want to show up this year.

Who do you want to be in the new world of work? Will you be bringing more of your authentic self to work, or intentionally working on how you show up to others? Is there something you value about yourself that you want to harness or lean into?

Maybe you’ve reflected on your strengths or the things that challenge you, and you want to focus on developing further? Do you want to be more aware of how you respond under pressure, or work on building better connections with colleagues and customers?

Will you be setting better boundaries or creating new habits that serve you better and help you move towards you goals? Take the time to pause, reflect and refocus who you want to be in the new world of work.

We’re also encouraging everyone, whether they’re a customer or not, to think about who they want to be in the new world of work? Is now the time to take on that dream project, to step up and become the leader you always felt you could be, or help a cause you care about? Can being more self-aware help you understand what you want out of life and work? We think it can. Explore some of our resources above to get inspired and perhaps learn a little about yourself along the way…

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