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The six-step guide to transformational leadership

What does it mean to be a leader today?

We can probably rip up the rule book - and the trends and predictions - that were touted a few months ago, because it's been a time like no other. In many ways, we need our leaders to be better than ever because, as Forbes so succinctly puts it, "There just isn't room for the mediocre in cataclysmic circumstances."

There are still difficult times ahead, and we need leaders to safely steer us through them. How do we ensure that our leaders shape up? What does effective leadership look like in this coronavirus-ridden world? And how can we ensure that the leaders in our organisations evolve with the current circumstances, rather than falling back on methodology that was written for another world?

In the eBook, we explore the qualities leaders need to be transformational right now - and into the future.

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