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Self-Aware Leader

What’s the impact?

It’s not just the leaders themselves that will benefit from this development. Having self-aware leaders operating at all levels of an organisation can lead to significant business benefits.


Inspired and engaged employees:

Self-aware leaders use their awareness of emotions and how they impact others, as a method to inspire, motivate and challenge followers.


Greater performance potential:

Self-aware leaders are more trusted, and can give a clearer direction and purpose to their teams, raising their levels of performance.


A more inclusive, respectful climate:

Self-aware leaders are more aware of underlying assumptions and can positively role-model an inclusive and respectful way of working.

We surveyed all managers and asked them what was the most important part of this nine course training. If there's one thing you could do company-wide to make the biggest impact what would it be? Unanimously they reported it was the Insights tool.
Shelly Kelly, VP, Meriplex Communications

What is it?

The Self-Aware Leader is Insights’ solution for developing great leaders at all levels of an organisation.

More than any other skill, leadership is about personal human strengths – empathy, conviction, charisma, reliability, and so much more.

That’s why the Self-Aware Leader helps people to look inwards, encouraging leaders to increase their level of self-awareness so that they see themselves more clearly.

Self-aware leaders understand:

  • how they are experienced by those they lead

  • what they can do to influence those around them

  • how they can use their innate gifts to inspire others to greatness

Ways to use it

The Self-Aware Leader is an ideal next step from Insights Discovery. We recommend it for existing leaders who want to adopt a more purposeful, self-aware approach, but also for new leaders who would benefit from learning more about their style and its impact on others.

Self-aware leaders will:

  • Adapt their approach from day one to be more responsive to the needs of those they lead
  • Build their new self-knowledge into a development plan that will help them reach their leadership and career goals
  • Identify what they can change about their approach to influence the success of their team and organisation

Watch our short video to learn more.

How does it work?

This is a learning experience that makes time for intense self-reflection and creates a safe space for leaders to share their challenges and aspirations. Building on the knowledge from the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, leaders are challenged to reflect inwards on who they are, and consider how they can build their leadership capabilities in a way that’s authentic for them.

Leaders work with the Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership Profile, which gives insight into eight critical abilities within the leadership dimensions, as well as some really practical tips for enhancing their effectiveness in each area.

Leaders will be able to explore their own leadership style, and then – through a modular approach – turn their attention to those leadership dimensions they need to develop further.

Who is it for?

Any leader, at any level of an organisation, can leverage their gifts and strengths by increasing their self-awareness. The Self-Aware Leader experience gives all leaders the time and space to take a good look at how they show up as a leader, get up close with their vulnerabilities, and understand the potential in their own unique leadership style.

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