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Working in a Virtual Team


Our solution supports teams where some or all members work virtually, helping them overcome the communication and collaboration challenges that can limit the effectiveness of virtual teams.


Teams will know how to work effectively together in a virtual environment


They’ll be able to build stronger individual and team relationships without face-to-face time


They’ll learn to focus on collective goals to improve team performance

What is it?

Many people are now working from home – and for some it’s the very first time. The transition to working fully remotely can be difficult for teams as they adjust to their new methods of communicating, sharing and collaborating, but our Working in a Virtual Team session will jumpstart your virtual teams and help them respond to today’s very real challenges.

In this period when almost all global activity is disrupted, it’s more important than ever that your teams can innovate and deliver on their objectives. Our virtual teams session will help your teams stay connected and productive so they can support your business as effectively as possible in this time of change.

When you’re not face-to-face it can be challenging to resolve breakdowns in communication. Often those breakdowns happen because you don’t understand someone else’s style or perspective, and an exercise like Insights Discovery can be really valuable…to help you understand where they’re coming from.

Catherine Gregory, Head of Marketing and Communications, Working Families

Who is it for?

The session is suitable for teams at all levels and builds on the simple four-colour model of Insights Discovery to help individuals consider their impact on their wider team. Teams that are newly formed, have experienced recent change, or that struggle with effective communication will also benefit from this session.

Our Working in a Virtual Team session is designed for intact teams that:

  • Have some or all members working remotely

  • Are new to working virtually

  • Already work virtually but need to improve their effectiveness and/or team relationships

  • Need to renew their focus on common goals

How does it work?

The Working in a Virtual Team session is a two-hour virtual event using Adobe Connect technology. Learners will be guided through the engaging learning content by a skilled facilitator. A producer will also be there to support a smooth virtual experience.

Learners are supported by a pre-session e-module, a team wheel and a virtual learner kit that will help them achieve the learning objectives there in the classroom - and back in the workplace.

What’s the impact?

Teams will have stronger connections, better communication and a shared purpose that makes them as productive as possible in their virtual environment. By understanding their collective strengths and gaps, team members will be able to grow the capabilities of the team, and use the positive language of colour to overcome the challenges they face along the way.

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