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Deeper Discovery Accreditation - May 15 - 17

Events for Practitioners

Our next Deeper Discovery Accreditation is May 15 - 17 in Austin, Texas.

Deeper Discovery can help to unlock individual, leadership and team potential in an organization.

It focuses on professional development and personal growth and moves beyond the Insights Discovery color energies.

Deeper Discovery helps you uncover a new level of awareness.  

  • It helps to build on the insight gained from Insights Discovery and take a next step in your learning
  • It allows you to explore individual, team and leadership effectiveness in a deeper way
  • It enables you to provide long-term programs of development by making them deeply meaningful to every participant

Please contact us if you have any questions about upcoming or previous events. We look forward to helping you keep Insights Discovery alive in your organization in 2017!

* This event is for certified Insights Discovery Practitioners. If you'd like more information about how to become accredited please click here.

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