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AstraZeneca improves teamwork

The AstraZeneca Global Audit Group brought together their team of auditors from across the world to attend an internal conference.


AstraZeneca is a multinational pharmaceutical company. It's currently the ninth largest drug company in the world, and has its headquarters in the UK. With over 50,000 employees and a presence in over 100 countries, AstraZeneca is a truly global business.

A key challenge for AstraZeneca's Audit Group is that teams are formed and disbanded very quickly, then other teams are formed, and so on.

To help these teams get to peak effectiveness - quickly - AstraZeneca used their first ever Audit Group conference as an opportunity to build strong relationships, help people understand their personal impact, and improve overall team effectiveness.


Before the conference, each delegate received an Insights Discovery Personal Profile and a one-to-one session with an Insights coach.

This gave everyone the opportunity to understand their own personal style, to consider how they could adapt their instinctive approach when required, and to plan how they would build great relationships quickly with new colleagues.

At the conference, delegates worked together to create strategies which would help them become highly effective audit teams. Being able to assess and leverage the strengths of each team member from the very beginning of each project is critical to getting work done right, and done fast.


The language of Insights Discovery has become so integral to the Group Internal Audit Division that all new recruits receive an Insights Discovery Personal Profile. Insights Discovery is now used not only to build effective teams, but to manage stakeholder and client relationships more effectively, too.


highest grossing pharmaceutical company in 2016

The Insights Discovery session encouraged thinking about how others instinctively tackle our world! It is a great and valuable tool.

Helen MacPhee

Head of Audit, International Sales & Marketing

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