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Leaders who Inspire

Maximising the impact of your leaders


This is a one-day course which helps you to develop inspirational leaders.
You will explore different leadership styles and help leaders to be
authentic in their approach, while adopting the flexibility they need to
lead individuals with different preferences. The aim of the course is for you
to be more confident in supporting leaders to become more self-aware,
and develop strategies to address their personal and business challenges.



In this course you will explore:

  • Personal leadership styles
  • The four colour energies in leadership
  • The impact of over-extended and missing colour energies in leadership
  • Managing and motivating using the management chapter of the profile
  • The four manifestations of leadership


Business applications

This course will help you to address issues such as:

  • Developing emerging leaders, including high potential individuals and graduates
  • Poor leadership
  • Empowerment and accountability


Materials provided

  • Insights Discovery Personal profile – Foundation and Management chapter
  • Discovering Leadership Effectiveness workshop journal
  • Discovering Leadership Effectiveness facilitator notes (soft copy)
  • Discovering Leadership Effectiveness PowerPoint slides (soft copy)


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