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Thought Leadership 01 May 2017

Small challenges, big challenges and personal journeys for all of us

In our last blog we talked a little bit about our corporate social responsibility programme, and the kind of organisation we’re working hard every day to be.

In the last year we’ve been partnering with Mary’s Meals, who are all-round amazing. As well as supporting their people development (because that’s kind of our thing), we’ve been trying super-hard to raise money to support the vision they have, of attracting hungry children to the classroom, feeding their bodies and their minds, while helping them secure brighter futures at the same time. In fact, they currently feed over 1.2 million children, at school, every day. Like I said, amazing!

What we’ve been up to

For our part, we want to raise enough money to feed 10,000 children for a year, and that’s a tall order! All across the Insights global community, we’ve been holding a series of Wee Challenges, which will add up to one very Big Challenge in a few weeks’ time, when a group of us will walk the Great Wall of China.

So what have our Wee Challenges looked like? Well, there’s been something for everyone. Our People Team made us all pancakes, we’ve had jewellery parties, picnics, quizzes, raffles, games nights, and we’ve played Sit Down Bingo almost every week (it’s good for the glutes!)

And we’ve seen some amazing efforts which have really inspired us all. Half marathons, full marathons, Tough Mudders, relay runs, Munro-bagging, and an intrepid band will even be cycling 500 miles in five days around the beautiful (and steep!) Scottish Highand coast. Good luck guys, you’ll need it!

There’s so much more going on, and we can’t possibly list it all – but we’re not trying to show off here. Because this is about more than numbers. It’s about a series of small acts, which together are adding up to a whole lot of good.

This is personal

As well as being a decision we’ve made as a company, partnering with Mary’s Meals has had a profound impact on those who have chosen to take that big trek along the Great Wall. As a team of volunteers, we’re diverse: young, not-so young, from all over the world, parents, people looking for a personal challenge and people looking for a way to make their mark in the world.

As we approach the challenge of a lifetime, the scale of the task ahead has made us think a little more clearly about our own purpose as individuals. For some of us, this is about stepping out from the persona of ‘parent’ for a while and reconnecting with what made us, us. For others, it’s about bringing the Insights purpose, of making a positive difference in everything we do, even closer, and this is a way to bring that to life. It’s also a reminder that we ALL can make a difference, and it’s sparked a lot of thinking in each of us about how we can continue to do that in our own ways, when this particular adventure is over.

Yes, it’s been fun. And yes, the training is getting tough. And yes, we’re variously nervous, excited, ready and so very NOT ready. But this task has meaning for all of us – not least those children who deserve a daily meal, an education, and the future they were born to inhabit all along.

Keep up with our trek in real time on our social channels. And if you want to support us, and Mary’s Meals, we’ll be forever and eternally grateful.

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