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Change Management 25 May 2016

How do you get prepared for change?

How do you feel about change? Try this...

Imagine you arrive at work one day to find that everything is different. Your close-knit team has merged with another larger one, your line manager has been replaced with someone else, and the familiar face opposite you has moved to another department.

What's your reaction? Panic, excitement or perhaps even horror? Okay, I know that normally there would be some sort of warning that this was going to happen, but sometimes change does come out of the blue, so the question is - how do you make sure everyone in your organisation is prepared?

Reacting to change

The truth is that we all react slightly differently to change, because we're all unique in how we process information. We all have that colleague who grabs new opportunities with both hands, but we also know that colleague who exudes a quiet sense of panic at the merest hint of change on the horizon.

What can make all the difference when it comes to dealing with change is how it's communicated. If you, as an Insights Discovery Practitioner, can help people to actively engage with the change that's coming, rather than simply hold on for dear life while it crashes over their heads, you can make a positive impact on your whole organisation.

Engaging with change

Engaging with Change is designed specifically for Insights Discovery Practitioners who want to be more effective at guiding people through the change process.  This one-day course will show you how to be clear in communicating change across your business and help your people navigate the pitfalls of change they will inevitably have to face.

You'll learn to help your people become engaged in the change process, and how to address common causes of resistance. You will learn to help people develop the resilience they will need in order to manage change successfully.

You'll be ready to support people as they prepare for change and put action plans in place for dealing with change when it comes. Because like it or not, change happens, and it happens to us all, at any time, in every area of our lives.

Create and embrace the positive lasting change you want for your business with our change management solution

Using the power of Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery Practitioners are often the key to how well organisations cope with change. If you need to support your people as they cope with forthcoming change, we can help you use the power of Insights Discovery to do just that. Helping people prepare for, and adapt to, change means that your organisations won't lose productivity, your people will stay engaged, and motivation won't take a hit the way it often can in the face of disruption.

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