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Thought Leadership 05 November 2013

'Diversity' and 'Inclusion' are not the same

As the world grows smaller, the coming together of cultures, beliefs and ethnicities is ever increasing...

Having a Chinese mother and English father, being born in England and holding dual British and Australian nationalities, the topic of Diversity and Inclusion is one very close to my heart. Coming from such a diverse background, I know how difficult it can be to fit into new cultures and find a sense of belonging.

The true meaning of diversity and inclusion

Many of you will know that diversity and inclusion has become a real buzz topic and a central component of many organisational development strategies. Many industry articles talk about the importance of having a diversity and inclusion initiative, how they can contribute to bottom-line success, and their importance as a means of providing a competitive edge. But despite all the talk about diversity and inclusion, few people actually take the time to reflect on what the term actually means.

Distinct but related concepts

Diversity and Inclusion are often referred to as an inclusive term when, in actual fact, ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ are entirely distinct, but related concepts. In fact, the presence of one does not automatically imply the presence of the other.

A lack of understanding about the meaning of these terms and how they interact with one another, as well as how to properly maximise the use of diversity and inclusion initiatives, can lead to a number of problems in an organisational setting. To name but a few, it can mean that talent isn’t recognised, employee turnover can rise, and your organisation may find it difficult to establish a solid relationship with clients.

Learn more about Diversity and Inclusion

Read our latest white paper which discusses the true meaning of diversity as well as the significance of inclusion - the often forgotten part of diversity and inclusion initiatives. The paper leads you towards an understanding of how diversity and inclusion interact to help you best motivate your employees towards creativity and innovation.

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