Involving the Team Specialty Care BU international teamin a journey with Insights Discovery

Project Leader: Antonello Bisogno, Country Manager Italy
Customer: PFIZER-REVATIO (Based in Rome-Italy)
Project: “Involving the Team Specialty Care BU Revatio in a journey with Insights Discovery.”
Ref: Elena Pepe - Country Brand Lead Dupuytren's Disease and Pulmonary Vascular, Specialty Care BU, Italy


Key Facts Summary

Scope of the project
Improve team dynamics and communication to built common language and understanding of objectives and priorities.

To make sure to provide everyone with the right support and theopportunity to join and participate as best as he/she can in reaching the common GOALS by using and connecting his own energies and communication skills with all the others.

The process is based on providing the necessary basis for awareness of the importance of individual potential and how everyone can give his/her own best contribute in teamwork purpose. To reach this result we are going to use the Insights know-how method and share its Colored Language as a common way to get connected.Everyone will get his/her own Insights Discovery® Personal Profile.

When - where

  • 2013 September: Personal Effectiveness Workshop + a tailor made Effective Communication into influence actions, connected to the Pfizer Sales Process Method
  • 2014 January: Follow up “Involving the Team Specialty Care BU Revatio in ID journey”.

The successfull process to communicate properly marketing plan into action plans influence opinion leader decisions.


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