About us

Insights head office in Dundee

Today Insights is a major player in the global people development industry, but it all began in Dundee, Scotland over 20 years ago...

Inspired by the work of psychologists Carl Gustav Jung and Jolande Jacobi, father and son Andi and Andy Lothian founded Insights in 1993, with the aim of helping everyone to better understand themselves and others.

Insights has grown into a global organisation, helping to transform individuals, teams, and even whole organisations. We're truly passionate about transforming the world of work using our portfolio of personal development tools, including Insights Discovery, Deeper Discovery and our Transformational Leadership Programme.

Who we are today

Insights is built on a foundation of amazing people who are committed to helping others enjoy the journey to self-understanding. And we're doing transformational work with some amazing customers!

With customers as diverse as Pret a Manger, Technip, Novartis, and Philips, we're partnering with organisations all over the world to help transform their business impact. Learn a little more about how Insights Discovery impacts our customers in this inspiring video from 3M...

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