Creating culture at Philips Lighting

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Each person had the chance to take a fresh look at how they perform as a team, their contribution to the dynamics and how they could improve their performance. Dave HutleyCustomer Service and Supply Manager, Philips Lighting

Team culture came under the spotlight in the Philips Lighting annual Employee Engagement Survey – people wanted to feel part of a team, as well as being  appreciated and recognised by leaders.


When six new customer service teams were created with increased workload and pressure there was an urgent need to address these issues of team culture, employee engagement and morale.


To create an environment where great customer service was the norm, we needed to bring about a big change in the team.

First we suggested tweaking some of the team roles to be more aspirational and making sure all employees felt encouraged to contribute to the change improvement process. Next step was a series of Team Effectiveness workshops, after which we gave each employee an action plan with practical tasks – all with the aim of encouraging collective actions and team spirit. 

Insights Navigator Team Profiles were great for giving a  benchmark measurement.  We carried out Evaluators 3 times over the 12 months, accompanied by the Insights Workshop Journals  so the team could track their progress and monitor areas for improvement.

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Improved the customer service team’s levels of self-esteem and self-belief.

  • helped turn the department into a team of engaged and proactive individuals.
  • increased employee engagement. 
  • improved the management team’s perception of the team.
  • given employees the confidence to share knowledge and take ownership for making improvements and affecting change positively – even in a stressful environment.
     The Philips and Insights customised programme included:
  • Team Effectiveness workshops with extra activities to  address specific issues
  • Insights Navigator Team Profiles to give a benchmark for the teams
  • regular Insights Navigator Team Evaluators, accompanied by Navigating Team Effectiveness Workshop Journals
  • practical action plans for individuals and the team as a whole

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