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Contact: Tina Kene
Tel: +386 4 583 73 10

DEVELOR d.o.o.
Develor d.o.o.
Cesta Toneta Tomšiča 11
SI-4270 Jesenice

About us

Develor Consulting Inc. has been a market leader for several years in the areas of training and HR consultancy services. In addition to offering training programs, the company is also the largest coaching firm on the market, and provides consultancy services aimed at increasing the effectiveness of training.

Develor offers measurable improvements to its clients by providing training courses and supplementary services that have long-term and positive impacts on behaviour. This impact can be measured, based on the employees’ level of knowledge and skills as well as in actual business results.

Develor develops its products independently, and continuously updates the methodology, theoretical modules and practical components of its training courses by drawing on the latest knowledge available.

Each year the company launches several new products that are entirely unique on the market in order to satisfy and even anticipate client needs. Today the company offers its clients more than 50 different training courses, ten complex development programs, that incorporate a variety of methodological approaches, as well as a wide selection of customised coaching services, all in local languages.