Ben Sheath

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"Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice versa the bad things don't always spoil the good things and make them unimportant." - Matt Smith - The 13th Dr Who

Ways to connect

What links a Dr Who fan with someone who loves a good face to face chat? Meet Ben Sheath, UK Facilitator...

  • What is Ben's Insights Discovery Wheel Position?

     Ben sits at wheel position 28, so we know he leads with Sunshine Yellow energy, closely followed by Earth Green. From his Insights Discovery Personal Profile we know that Ben:

    • Is outgoing and makes things more fun for others by his pure and unreserved enjoyment of the moment
    • May suppress his own needs in the interest of pleasing others
    • Feels indispensable to his partner Catharine
    • Is empathetic, compassionate and has a strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others


  • If Ben were a song, what would he be and why?

    He would be Photosynthesis by Frank Turner as he is his favourite artist and feels that the song contains a lyric that describes him well.

    "I won't sit down, I won't shut up and most of all I won't grow up"

    He thinks that this says a lot about his bright Sunshine Yellow energy.

  • Ben's defining moment at Insights (so far...)

    For him there are so many to consider but if he were to choose one it would have to be his assessment day here at Insights. Working at Insights has been on his career plan for a while and during his visit, it really cemented that this is where he's supposed to be. He has a real affinity and connection with the purpose of Insights and is really excited about the future.

  • Who is Ben's hero?

    His dad.

    He feels really lucky to have the support of a great family and when he became a parent, he realised just how amazing and emotional an experience it is. He has put his parents through some highs and lows but they have been unwavering in their support and he feels lucky to count both of his parents as good friends but his dad will always be his hero.

  • How you may meet Ben

    In whatever way works for you.

    He is happy to connect and chat with anybody at any time. Face to face is his preferred way of meeting but if that fails a good Skype video or mobile phone call is just as engaging. He does like to see people's beautiful faces when he is talking to them so that's always a bonus.

  • What motivates Ben?

    Helping others and being of service. He loves it when he has been able to help someone become better or move towards being the person they want to be. It can be as simple as having a chat, facilitating learning or just a word or question.

    He's really grateful to all those people that have helped him become who he is and he wants to pay it forward.

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    A sensitive and thoughtful person who is very values orientated.