Wilco Vlaar

Always follow the energy

Ways to connect

What links an eagle-eyed football lover with someone who commits tirelessly to a mission? Meet Wilco Vlaar, Regional Manager Europe at Insights...

  • What is Wilco's Insights Discovery wheel position?

    Wilco's Insights Discovery wheel position is 21; this means he leads with Fiery Red energy but also has a strong preference for Cool Blue energy!

    From Wilco's Insights Discovery Personal Profile we know that he:

    • Is independent by nature
    • Loves to solve a problem
    • Is prepared to labour tirelessly for a team mission that he is deeply committed to

  • If Wilco were an animal what would he be?

    He would be an eagle as he likes to have an overview, only use energy when needed (headwind) and relax when possible (tailwind). They are constantly looking for prey and swoop down for a catch!

  • Wilco's defining moment at Insights (so far...)

    His defining moment was at the Insights Europe regional office's meeting in March 2015 where they began building alignments between all of the offices.

  • Who is Wilco's hero?

    Until a year ago his heroes were Maximus and William Wallace as they were strong, brave men with passion and loved those who fought for their cause. However their only problem was that they died too soon. He has been looking for a new hero for some time but hasn't found one yet!

  • How you may meet Wilco

    Often he travels between home, Insights regional offices in Europe and head office in Dundee. If he is not working, then he can be found spending time with his family, running or at Jong Holland, which is the football club his two sons play at and for which he is chairman of the board. Also he could be found at the AZ football stadium as he has a season ticket. Football plays a big role in his family which is unfortunate for his daughter who plays field hockey. During World Cups and European Cups it is even worse!

  • What motivates Wilco

    Realising results which are based on team effort. He also loves it when a plan comes together.

  • Scratch the surface and you’ll find...

    A person who is willing to listen, ask questions and get a little deeper than what is on the surface.