Emily Hendrickson

Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively - Eleanor Roosevelt

What links an energetic character who loves a challenge? Meet Emily Hendrickson, Strategic Client Marketing Coordinator at Insights...

  • What is Emily's Insights Discovery wheel position?

     Emily's Insights Discovery wheel position is 25; this means she leads with Sunshine Yellow energy but has a strong preference for Fiery Red energy too!

    From Emily's Insights Discovery Personal Profile we know that she:

    • Is accomplished at working with individuals and groups and can quickly find herself pushed into a leadership role
    • Loves a challenge, is far-sighted and enthusiastic
    • Has the ability to quickly turn regular events into special occasions for everyone.


  • Emily's defining moment at Insights (so far...)

    The first time she facilitated a program. She found it to be a learning experience from a delivery and content perspective.

  • Who is Emily's hero?

    Her dad. After years in the corporate world, he pursued his dream and started his own photography business.

  • How you may meet Emily

    When not onsite with a client, you can find her working from home - which her dog loves! When not working, you can find her with friends, on the soccer field, in the yoga studio or hiking.